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Rim Straightening

Get Professional Rim Straightening Service At Kwick Silver

Get in touch with Kwicksilver for wheel and rim repair service.   Our technicians can straighten most any bent car or passenger truck rim. No matter whether your rim is 15” OEM or 24” custom; we use the same skill and expertise in wheel and rim straightening for any vehicle.

We specialize in bent rim repair, curbed and cracked wheel repair, and wheel refinishing.

Kwicksilver is widely known for its own patented straightening devices to get the rim straightening done efficiently as well as precisely. Each rim is inspected with a highly sensitive measuring instrument to find the exact location and intensity of each bend. The damaged area is then brought back to original manufacturers specifications through our specialized wheel straightening equipment.

Get your wheel and rim straightening in expert hands.  And, get it done at an affordable price with Kwicksilver.  Contact us today!

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