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Need Alloy Wheel Repair Professionals? Come To Kwicksilver!

At Kwicksilver, we understand how much you hate bent or curbed alloy wheels on your vehicle. Wheel and rim damage is unwanted and unpredictable, happening at anytime. In these situations, your aluminum rims need an expert and specialized equipment to be properly repaired. Instead of searching for “rim repair shops near me” on Google, contact the nearest Kwicksilver service center. We offer all types of wheel and rim repair in South Carolina. Just one call and our experts will be at your service.

Bend repair and rim straightening

Restoring a wheel back to its original shape may be a tricky task. However, at Kwicksilver, we make this task super easy. We can completely dismount your tire, repair the bent rim, remount and reinstall back on your vehicle. For rim straightening, we have our own patented devices that make the task of aluminum wheel straightening in SC trouble-free.

Cosmetic repair, polishing and machining

Properly refinishing a curbed or faded wheel takes a trained professional. If you have a curbed wheel or time has faded the finish we can provide the expert service you need. Be it an older wheel or a newer rim with a machined face, Kwicksilver has the necessary tools and equipment. Our trained technicians utilize the latest techniques and tools to provide you with the best possible wheel refinishing.

Other services – Powder Coating, Welding, PVD Chrome Coatings

Not only does Kwicksilver provide straightening and cosmetic repair services, we do more. We also offer powder coating and PVD chroming. Customize your wheels so that they stand out and at the same time have a high quality finish. If you have a cracked wheel we can weld it. We use only top quality TIG welders allowing us to quickly and safely put your rim back into service.

Why Should You Trust Kwicksilver For Wheel And Rim Repair?

For any kind of rim or alloy wheel repair service, come to Kwicksilver as we are well-appointed with:
  • Highly skilled technicians
  • Patented wheel straightening equipment
  • Highly advanced CNC wheel lathe for high quality repair of alloy wheels
  • Expertly trained TIG welders to repair cracked rims
  • Powder coat finishing services
  • PVD Chrome Coating – 100% environmentally friendly
For assistance with any kind of aluminum or alloy wheel repair in SC, contact us at 843-972-2980.