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PVD Chroming

PVD Chroming – A Lasting Wheel Finish

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a proven technology that is being used in other industries. Kwicksilver now brings this technology to automotive wheels.

State-Of-The-Art Process

PVD is a better alternative to traditional chrome plating. Chrome plating has various problems. The surface starts to pit and peel after some time. With PVD coating you get a bright wheel finish which is more durable than chrome plating.

PVD Chroming Services

At Kwicksiver, our technicians have many years of experience, and we assure that your rim will last for thousands of miles after PVD coating.  We make use of recyclable powders for the base and the topcoat layers.

Our PVD chroming isn’t harmful to the environment in any way. It uses no hazardous materials and produces no hazardous waste.

A Better Option

Compared to the traditional system of chrome plating, the PVD coating is very light. You can expect at least a fifty percent savings in coating weight alone. And it reflects in the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle.  It is light and durable and is offered in the traditional bright finish (ice) and a darker finish (black ice). With so many advantages PVD is the wheel finish of the future.

Gives Peace Of Mind

The PVD coating at Kwicksilver comes with a five-year warranty versus a one year warranty which comes with standard chrome plating. Besides, the coating will not oxidize under winter conditions. So if you are looking for long-term solution, go for PVD coating!

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