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You hate even a single bend in your alloy wheel, and so do we. Alloy wheels improve the look and performance of a vehicle. But, no matter how careful you are, alloy rims are prone to damages caused by potholes, accidents, and inclement weather. Ignoring these bends may cause further damage to your vehicle. Therefore, without any delay come to Kwicksilver. We are experts in bent alloy wheel repair, curbed and cracked wheel repair and wheel refinishing.

Why Should You Go for Bent Alloy Wheel Repair?

  • Alloy wheel bends are bad for your vehicle

A bent rim may cause your vehicle to vibrate. These unwanted vibrations, in turn, cause additional stress on tires leading to premature wear and tear. Plus, your suspension suffers and is exposed to probable damage. If the bend is significant, it may result in a blowout.

  • An alloy wheel bend repair is a reasonable option

When your alloy wheel has a bend, there are two options to get it corrected. First, get a new wheel; but since alloy wheels are expensive, it is better to switch to the second option i.e. visiting alloy wheel specialists and getting the bent wheels repaired in an affordable price. At Kwicksilver, we restore broken or bent rims with high end refinishing.

  • Curbed Wheel To Original Finish

    • If you have curbed wheels, we can repair them by first removing all dirt, paint and protective coating. The damaged area is then sanded or buffed to give it a smooth finish. It is then primed or painted to match the original finish & is then topped with a clear coat finish.


Why Should You Come To Kwicksilver?

At Kwicksilver, we employ the latest wheel repair technology, equipment, and methods. Our alloy wheel bend repair services are the best in South Carolina. Our expert technicians use specialized wheel straightening machinery to get the damaged wheels to like new shape.

Need alloy wheel specialists? Reach out to Kwicksilver at 843-972-2980.

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