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Kwick6 Tire Shine & Protectant

Use Kwick6 For Clean and Shiny Tires

Tires and wheels play a significant role in the overall appearance of your car. If the tires are messy, wet, dirty or sticky, they leave a bad impression. The tires are in constant contact with road tar, dust, grease and other things lying on the road, quickly making them dirty.

Tire Rubber Degradation

The tire rubber is exposed to the weather and the road. Even if you don’t use the car, the rubber of your tire may degrade. So, keeping the tires of your vehicle protected and shiny requires some care. To reduce tire degradation and dull looks, we have a tire cleaning product.

Tire Dressing

Our tire dressing product can be used to make your tires look clean and shiny. The unique formula of Kwick6 tire shine protectant cleans, shines and protects. It creates a protective barrier and guards against harmful UV damage in a single step.

Kwick6 Features


  • Renourishes tires and promotes a deep shine & luster
  • One coat for matte finish, two coats for gloss
  • Formula delivers a smooth and sling-resistant coating
  • Non-toxic & free of harsh chemicals
  • Made in the USA

The Usage

Kwick6 tire shine protectant is applied to the tire with a sponge or brush, it makes sure that the tire looks clean and shiny for an extended period.  Under normal circumstances, the shine will last for a few weeks.

With regular usage, your car gets an amazing new look, which you always craved. The life of the tires will also improve. So are you still waiting to give the tires a new look?

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