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Unhappy with the look or performance of your vehicle’s wheels? Contact us for cutting-edge wheel services including:

When you feel vibration or shaking from your steering wheel, it may be an indication of a damaged wheel.  These damages may also cause premature tire wear.   These issues may be due to a pothole, railroad tracks, or a manhole cover.

Did you hear that crunching sound when your wheel bent? Your wheel may be cracked, requiring professional TIG welding.  This is the only way to properly repair an alloy wheel.

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones and the only damage you experienced was purely cosmetic.  We can help here too!  Be it a painted, machined, or powder coated rim, bring it to us in order to assess your needs.  In most cases, the turnaround is very quick and can sometimes be done while you wait.

You don’t need to have a damaged rim to come see us.  We do provide customization options for your wheel.  We can change the color on the rim, provide a two-tone look, or set you up with PVD chroming.  And, we stand behind all work that we do.

Should you need cosmetic wheel repair or wheel straightening, we take time to assess the rim. Before you commit to repairing or replacing your rim,get a complete assessment of the rim by one of our highly skilled technicians. With our wheel repair, you could save a significant amount of money over purchasing a new wheel.  But, if you need a replacement wheel, we will help you find one.

Our Process

We use the most advanced machinery for wheel straightening and cosmetic repairs.  We use patented devices and CNC machines. All of our experts are highly trained for the job, and they are capable of managing the machines and equipment to ensure that it executes the job with perfection and precision.

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