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Powder Coating

Personalized Rims With Powder Coating

Rims are an integral part of your car.  If you are looking to add a personalized look to your car or truck, you should have the right kind of rims. Powder coating can you give you that customized look that you desire.

Get A Personal Look

If you to want to give the rims a unique look, get them powder coated. An eye-catching color, a matte or glossy finish, will make your car stand out. Kwicksilver now offers powder coating at select locations.

Powder Coating Service

At Kwicksilver, our technicians can provide the look that you want. We have years of experience in doing it. We make use of only the best equipment in order to provide the finest results.

Our powder coating service starts with the removal of the old finish using stripping and/or abrasive blasting.  The rim is then baked at the temperature to push out any impurities. Now it is ready for powder coating. The powder material is applied with an electrostatic gun. This gun imparts a positive electric charge on the powder. It is then sprayed on the rim by compressed air and then accelerated toward the rim by a powerful electrostatic discharge.  The rim is then oven baked once again providing a long-lasting, eye-catching finish.

The powder is available in many colors and finishes, and it lasts for years. Please see us for any of your powder coating needs.

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