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Kwick6 Wheel Cleaner

Dirty Wheels Shine Brightly With Kwick6 Wheel Cleaner

Wheels can be the dirtiest part of the car. If you try cleaning them, you end up spraying dirt on the surrounding paintwork. A dedicated wheel cleaner should be used to clean the wheels. There are many wheel cleaners on the market, but you need to be careful. Some of them may be strong and acidic, although they may clean the wheel quickly, you may end up damaging the finish of the rim.

Non-Toxic Acid-Free Rim Cleaner

With Kwick6 wheel cleaner, you have made the right choice. No matter whether your rims are slightly or extremely dirty it will make your wheel shine brightly. You can begin by spraying it on the surface, and it will immediately start the wheel cleaning process.

Reaching The Inside Of Wheels

To reach the inside of the wheels, you may need a brush. Use it to agitate the dirt in the barrels of the wheels and reach the tighter areas.

Cleaning The Wheel Face

Once the inside of the wheels is clean, you can use the Kwick6 rim cleaner either by spraying or agitating with washing mitt or the brush.

Cleaning The Tires

While you are cleaning the rim, it is a good idea to clean the tires as well. Clean tires are necessary to get the maximum results from your tire dressing.  You can use the wheel cleaner on the tires as well. Just spray Kwick6 wheel cleaner on the tire and use the brush to remove any dirt or old layer of tire dressing.

Why Should You Go For Kwick6 Wheel Cleaner?

It is non-toxic and biodegradable and quickly dissolves the dust or grime. It gives a brilliant shine without leaving a greasy residue. The essential features are:

  • Safe For All Wheel Types & Finishes
  • Can Be Directly Sprayed Onto Cooled Wheels
  • Free of Hydrofluoric acid
  • Made In USA

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